music testimonials

"Thanks so much for sending your song - I really love your music, and I am honored that you have shared Obama's Peace Song with me. It is so moving and beautiful. I would love to learn it and sing it. Your music, your poetry, and your voice have the power to change something for the better in each of us... and to change the world. I hope you will write more songs and continue to share them at Beacon and beyond, to the greatest extent possible."

Susan Bozso
Member of the Beacon Sloop Club
residing in Connecticut, USA

"I’ve been a fan of Mighty Xee and her music since I moved to Woodstock almost two years ago from Nashville and New York City . Mighty writes and performs her songs with heartfelt passion. I recommend that anyone who is a music fan should go to see her live performances and I look forward to her new CD release."

Nick Martin
Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist

I had no idea the level of talent you possess ~ very impressive ~
I love your work."

Ruperto Ifil
Managing Director/Producer/Drummer
Formerly of Back Stage Productions
Kingston, New York

"Mighty Xee is the best balladeer in the history of music....
I mean it. And when she sings live, you get goosebumps....that good!"

Alan Fliegel, Ph.D'

"Your piano playing is like chicken soup for the soul!"

listener at the Catamount Open Mike
Phoenicia, N.Y.

"There is a special excellence in Mighty's music!  It emerges through a unique combination of qualities in her voice - its beauty of tone, its integrity of rhythm, its warmth of affection - all in function of emotions unfolding, inviting my mind to follow its melody, to breathe its breaths, to join in its appreciations, its concerns, its play, its joys and pains. She brings big issues close to my heart and I am most grateful."

Gary Mescon
music lover

"I've been listening to Mighty's music and crying. Oh how she opens my heart, her voice and keys are like lasers into my depths, awakening such emotion; her message needs to be heard!"

Gerald Habib
avid music listener, management executive and consultant

"Genuine sound accompanied by an authentic voice, fueled with depth of feeling, Mighty Xee carries the weight of realization tempered with the sensitivity of a woman whose life has been spent seeking "Light.""

Fred Duignan

"Mighty's moving lyrics and passionate performance moved our audience to laughter and tears, holding them spellbound."

Julie Parisi Kirby
Live at the Library Acoustic Music Series at the Woodstock Library