The earth has often been my canvas, flowers my paint,  coins and seed pods have formed armies marching to the battle over the surface of a pizza box --- whatever the medium, the river winding through my life has been art and music.

Origins of an artist and folksinger

Born into a very creative family, my Grandpa David was a make up artist , Chinese antique collector and wig maker,  my talented Mommade many a splendid garment, covered bathroom walls with a handmade undersea world of copper fish and seaweed,  carved dancing puppets and filled the halls with her lyrical paintings.

In addition, she bestowed her abiding love of music. Chopin's nocturnes wafted up from the basement as she played piano, the kitchen radiohosted classical music non stop, she burst out with joyful little jigswhile washing dishes after dinner, we sang haunting Jewish melodies....heck!  I became a lead singer just to provide my Mom a platform for her harmony.

Eventually, I discovered a big world out there:  Dave Von Ronk , Muddy Waters, Miriam Makeba, Paxton, Dylan, Simon,  Chapman....slowly, like popcorn popping, I began to write my own songs.  I'm on the cusp of releasing my fourth CD, Shelter's Grace.


 work in progress memoir:

Every rare spare moment, my favorite thing?  Writing my memoir about a journey taken 40 years ago when I hitchhiked and street sang my way from California to the Sahara Desert with myfour month old baby on my back.   

The working title is The Sea and the Rainbow   ( but you might as easily choose  'Parenting for Dummies'  or  'How to Hitch hike from Belgium to North Africa with Empty Pockets, No Brains and a Sweet as Sugar Baby Who Despite Her Mom Grows up to be a Fancy Hoo Hah Lawyer'

We traveledfrom communes in Northern California, over the ocean to Belgium accompanied by our mobile home: a blue down sleeping bag named Harry.  When my nest egg of 100 bucks disappeared in less than a month, my Snow White lovely, curly brown haired daughter and I hitched to Paris where I learned to be a street singer on a borrowed guitar.  France,  Ibiza, Barcelona, Portugal, Algeria, Morocco, the Sahara, my tiny dancer peeking over my shoulder nestled snug in her baby carrier.....


Mighty Xee


Cooper Union College of Art and Architecture, New York City, NY. (1969,1971).
Hunter College, New York City, NY. (1970).


Fire on the Mountain 1987

The Silly Book of Divorce 2005

Real Time, Real Piano 2011

Shelter's Grace..... coming soon


– Puffin Foundation, grant for ‘Art for the People’

– 4th World Water Forum, Artistic Component. Oaxaca, Mexico. Sponsored by the African United Nations and the Nation of Ethiopia.

– Puffin Foundation. For work confronting some of the more provocative social and political issues of our times.


2010 – ''Men, Men, Men, and other Works'' The Art Upstairs Gallery, Phoenicia, N.Y.
2010 – Shandaken Arts Festival and Studio Tour, Chichester, New York
2009 – Shandaken Arts Festival and Studio Tour, Chichester, New York
2002 – Colony Gallery, Woodstock, NY.
1999 – "Paintings by Xee," Mother Earth Gallery, Albany NY.
1995 – The Gallery, Woodstock, NY.
1995 – Paint the Night Concert Series, Woodstock, NY.
1983 – Garden of Earthly Delights, Soho, NY. 


2006 – 2010 numerous shows, The Art Upstairs, Phoenicia, N.Y.
2007 – 2010 numerous shows, Varga Gallery, Woodstock, N.Y.
2006 – “Worth of a Woman" V-Day’s Women's Art Exhibition, Artists Alliance, Orange County, N.Y.
2005 – "Women Artists of the Hudson Valley," Arts Alliance, Newburgh, N.Y.
2004 – "Women Artists of the Hudson Valley," Museum of the Hudson Highlands. Cornwall, N.Y.
2005 – Multiple Juried Shows, Woodstock Artists Assoc., Woodstock, N.Y.
2003 – "Environmental Visions." Museum of the Hudson Highlands, Cornwall, N.Y.
2002 – Group Show, Colony Gallery, Woodstock, N.Y.
1999 – Women's Expo "30 Artists" Mid Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
1998 – "Dreamscapes" Deep Listening Gallery, Kingston, N.Y.
1997 – Land in the Sky Gallery, Woodstock, N.Y.


2006 – We' Moon Publications
1996 – Woodstock Gatherings: Apple Bites and Ashes


Town of Woodstock Courthouse,  Woodstock, N.Y.
Woodstock Museum
Judith Simon
Sunflower Health Food Store
Patrick’s Walk to End Hunger, Vermont
Private collections



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