zoo zoo's
songwriters sessions

Zoo Zoo's
Songwriters Sessions

... taking a break from altruism
to finish my books and CD... stay tuned

Zoo Zoo's Songwriters Sessions is a benefit concert series featuring 3 or 4 songwriters who will share their music in round-robin. Zoo Zoo's Songwriter Sessions is taking a winter break from hosting benefit concerts for Haiti. We look forward to resuming as soon as possible.

For updates about Haiti please go to The Haitian Support Project for current information about the work of the Haitian People's Support Project in Haiti.  At the moment, because of the Cholera epidemic, donations are needed for water purification systems the safeguard the orphanages water supply.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

The Haitian People's Support Project is a 501-C3 Charitable Organization. All donations are tax deductible
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What's a zoo zoo??????
A zoo zoo* is a sweet thing, a yummy pastry, a slang term used by hippies living in communes in northern California circa 1970

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