family dance band

Since singing in the streets of Paris and Tangiers with her baby asleep on her back, Mighty has played zillions of open mikes, art galleries, coffeehouses, festivals, weddings and yes folks, funerals.

Featured artist on WQXR, (Bob Sherman's 'Woody's Children'), Vassar Radio and Southwestern TV, she's made frequent appearances on local TV and has a number of youtube videos.

Her third CD Real Time, Real Piano is available on CD Baby and Shelter's Grace will be in production soon.

Mighty's band, One Sky, features Mighty on keyboards and lead vocals, T.G. Vanini on violin and vocals and E.C. Lorick, guitars, bass and vocals.

One Sky features Xee's compositions.  Her over 150 songs cover a wide range of themes from hand holding love songs to environmental activism.

About One Sky's members:

T.G. Vanini's primary band is The Princes of Serendip, with his wife, Julie Parisi Kirby.  He also appears in the Celtic band, Spatter the Mud.  A prolific songwriter, poet, filmmaker, professor and author (aka Laurence Kirby).

E.C. Lorick's band, the ecologically minded Gaiawolf with Dawn Casteel-Lorick and Margie Zintz, has played together many years.  A gifted composer and songwriter, Lorick has a music studio, littleGIANT, in Woodstock N.Y.